Win A Free Graduation Cake!


Update: 5/23/2014 6:27 pm EST

It’s finally done. Not at all what I had first set in my mind to do, but it’s finished, what a blessing! As I haven’t slept since Wednesday, I am going to go and try to catch a couple of zzzs before preparing for the farmers market tomorrow. Lord willing, I will be at the Midland Farmer’s Market tomorrow with my decorative gluten free sugar cookies, so look for me there!



UPDATE: 5/22/2014 11:03 EST

Just finishing up my crumb coat of the free Graduation Cake. I did chocolate and vanilla layers with vanilla buttercream frosting. Check out this new buttercream frosting that I found with Dream Whip in it to better stabilize the frosting against high humidity and heat. This will be the test to see how well it works. Check out the yummy work done so far. God is good!



Indydebi’s Crisco-Based Buttercream Icing

Via Cake Central


  • 1-1/3 cups Cricso 1/3 to 1/2 cup milk, depending on consistency needed
  • 3 Tbsp powdered Dream Whip (*)
  • 2-3 Tbsp clear vanilla, depending on your personal taste
  • 2 lbs powdered sugar

 (*) A powdered whipped topping mix made by Kraft Foods, usually found in the cake/sugar aisle in the grocery.


  1. There’s no wrong way to mix this. I usually mix all but the powdered sugar for a minute or two, then gradually add the sugar, but the only reason I did this was to avoid the “sugar-splash” factor. The longer the mixer runs, the smoother it gets. Sifting the powdered sugar before blending helps with smoothness but is not necessary.

Original Post: How to Win a Free Graduation Cake

I’ve decided to take on the task of making a wedding cake sized, graduation cake. It is going to be three tiers, custom designed and (if it comes out the way I want it to) I will be giving it away this Saturday. What’s the catch? No catch. I just don’t want to be stuck with a huge graduation cake because I really would eat the whole thing by myself. It will depict the road to graduation. starting with high school, books and papers then to graduation day and moving boxes and suitcases to the top tier that wishes the grad Congrats and a Class of 2014 topper.

So how do you win? Visit the By Grace Cakes blog, and write in the comments section of this page as to why you should win this cake. Have others write in and vote for the one that they want to win. And somebody had better write in, otherwise I will be sitting here with a fork and this huge cake all to myself:)

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Happy Writing!