What is Your Best Memory or Thought When You Think About Your Father?


So I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share these projects with you because they were far from where I wanted them, but here are my Father’s Day cookie baskets that I did for my family.






Father’s Day is fast approaching (and I am hoping to have a great Father’s Day project done for you tomorrow), but in the meantime, what do you think about when you think about your father or dad? My dad proudly served his country, and for that I am very proud, but my best memories with my dad are when we get to go fishing together. We just went this last weekend, and even though we didn’t catch anything, it is always fun to spend time together.

So what is your best memory? I look forward to reading your replies!

Love in Christ,


One thought on “What is Your Best Memory or Thought When You Think About Your Father?

  1. I always remember being younger and going out golfing with my father on Father’s Day. It was always nice to spend time with him doing something I love to do, plus when I was really young I didn’t have a job so he would pay. Talk about a win, win, win situation.


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