Great is His Faithfulness

The Bay City River Roar was a great successes. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. The Lord really blessed. My husband, Adam, was a huge blessing. He went and manned the tent on Saturday, all by himself, and he was able to had out 500 business cards, which also have Ephesians 2:8-9 on the back. So in essence, he was able to hand out 500 tracks right out side of the Alice Cooper concert (or whomever it was playing). I think that was the most exciting blessing about the entire thing! So please be praying that the Word will be working on the hearts of those that got a card and that this business can continue to be used to be a testimony of Christ. (And that goes for Adam and I as well). And thank the Lord for all that He has bless us with thus far!

Here is one of the cookie designs I had for the Bay City River Roar and a cake that I made for a display (which means I covered Styrofoam cake forms).




We had so much fun! Other than a sudden short downpour, the weather was great! The humidity was so very high, but there was a strong breeze coming off the water, which made it nice. One important thing that I learned between the Midland Antique Festival and the River Roar is this: for our humid Michigan summers, the only way to keep a run sugar cookie from bleeding it’s royal icing colors into each other, is to paint the cookie. At the Antique Festival I had made run sugar cookies and flooded different areas to get the desired affect. The icing color bled into each other after a few hours in the hot outdoors. For the River Roar, I applied the base color of royal icing to the cookie and let it dry 24 hrs in advance, especially since it was black on white. Then I painted on the checkered flags and it dried very quick. I would recommend this to anyone in Michigan that will be outside for a weekend show.

Please keep me in your prayers this week. Pray that all of my cakes come out fabulously as I have three very special birthday cakes to complete and I want their birthdays to be extra special!

Happy Baking!


What is Your Best Memory or Thought When You Think About Your Father?


So I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share these projects with you because they were far from where I wanted them, but here are my Father’s Day cookie baskets that I did for my family.






Father’s Day is fast approaching (and I am hoping to have a great Father’s Day project done for you tomorrow), but in the meantime, what do you think about when you think about your father or dad? My dad proudly served his country, and for that I am very proud, but my best memories with my dad are when we get to go fishing together. We just went this last weekend, and even though we didn’t catch anything, it is always fun to spend time together.

So what is your best memory? I look forward to reading your replies!

Love in Christ,


C is for Cookie

C is for cookie and la la la la la. I’m not up on my Cookie Monster songs, but I am a wee bit buzzed from all the cookie dough. That’s right, I eat cookie dough. It’s the America way:)

So these are made with my Grandma Mickey’s secret family sugar cookie recipe. So I’m sorry that I can’t share that part, but I did include a video that I found helpful on how to make the correct consistency for Color Flow Icing. (click for video) Another helpful hint is if you need your icing to set up a little faster. Turn the light on in your oven and place your cookies on the top rack to allow the heat of the light to help firm up the icing.

Here are the results!

A few of the cross cookie designs.





Some fish cookies (we are fishers of men).




And hearts and crowns, symbolizing how girls/ladies are princesses in Christ.





Finally a few flowers, grown with love.





Happy baking!