3 Tips for Saving Money on a Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes, Flowers, Invitations, Oh My!

Wedding season is in full swing. With so many lovely options to choose from, how do you have your dazzling day within your budget? At the By Grace Cakes bakery, we want to offer you 3 tips for buying an affordable wedding cake

How to Buy an Affordable Wedding Cake

Be Up-Front About Your Budget

If you are ordering a By Grace Cakes wedding cake, or ordering from another bakery, be sure to share your budget with your cake designer. A good bakery will do all that they can to fit your budgetary needs. Most bakeries will have a listed price per serving, but don’t be afraid to share the price range that you are looking for. The baker should be able to tell you what you can get for that price.

Ask About Discounts and Other Dessert Options

Some bakeries have discounts for “liking” them on social media websites such as yelp, facebook or twitter. Coupons can sometimes be found for seasonal weddings such as Valentine’s day, Easter and Christmas. Also, ask about cake pops, cupcakes, petit fours and chocolates. More price breaks can be sometimes given for a large order of a smaller dessert, such as cake pops and cupcakes, than on one large cake. This will also allow each guest to have multiple serving and feel like they have a custom dessert to eat at your wedding, or to easily take home.

Simplify the Details

Remember, the more detail, the greater the cost. More wedding cake details means more supplies and time required from the baker. This principle also applies to cake flavors. The more cake flavors and fillings requested, the higher the cost of the cake. Keep the details simple and elegant and your wedding cake will be a great success.


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