White Chocolate Raspberry Custard Wedding Cake

Wedding Bells are Ringing❤ White Chocolate Raspberry Custard Cake. God’s Blessings to Michelle and Paul!

Gluten Free Rich Golden Cake filled with homemade vanilla custard, seedless raspberry preserve made from scratch, and white chocolate buttercream frosting. #callalily #glutenfreecake #weddingcake #blushpink #bygracecakes #whitechocolate #raspberrypreserve #custard #homemade #Godsblessings

Ivory and Gold Wedding Cake

Ivory and Gold, Simple, Elegant Wedding Cake

This gluten free cake is a new addition to the By Grace Cakes bakery. Order your favorite flavor, whether it be vanilla or latte, in a size to fit most every budget.

Order this cake in its smallest version (as seen here) for $150.00 (serves 50-60) or order a larger version of this cake, with additional tiers and a decorated cake board to fit you budget and celebration size.

Order this cake in its smallest version (as seen here) for $150.00 (serves 50-60) or order a larger version of this cake, with additional tiers and a decorated cake board to fit you budget and celebration size.

Buttermilk Silver White Cupcakes

New Flavor at the By Grace Cakes Bakery

Fresh out of the oven, a new flavor: Buttermilk Silver White Cupcakes. Gluten-free, with just a mildly sweet flavor. It always seems to work out from a sweet accident. Of course, as Christians, we know it’s by God’s grace:)

Buttermilk Silver White Cupcakes. Mildly sweet, fluffy white cake.

Buttermilk Silver White Cupcakes. Mildly sweet, fluffy white cake.

Wedding Cake Flavors: Thinking Outside The Box

The “Not So Famous” Wedding Cake Flavors

Traditional, decadent, wonderful wedding cake flavors such as vanilla bean, chocolate, almond and lemon have graced cake tables for years. Classics such as  red velvet, carrot cake and banana cake flavors have been the cake of choice for many happy celebrations. But what about these new fangled flavors that are popping up out of the imaginative minds of bakers everywhere? Is it “safe” to spend money on a cake flavor that your guests may not be accustomed to? Are theses flavors just a fad?  I leave you to ponder those questions. Here are some bold flavor choices that you and your fiancé may want to request at your next cake tasting.

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Source: lecremedelacrumb.com

Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake with “Cinnabon” Buttercream

An all-time favorite, the flavor of a great cinnamon roll is something that should pleasantly surprise your guests. Swirled with cinnamon and sugar this cake would be great choice for the coffee drinking, book loving newlywed couple.

Lemon Raspberry

Source: notsohumblepie.blogspot.com

Raspberry Lemon Coconut Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

A bright, lucious wedding cake flavor, this raspberry lemon coconut cake flavor would be a great compliment to a Summer wedding. Raspberry filling layered on a lemon cake is sure to give your guests the perfect pucker-up tart and sweet flavor combination.

Butter Pecan Cake with Maple Buttercream

Butter pecan ice cream is an old fashioned favorite. So why not have a vintage wedding paired with a vintage flavor. Layers of pecans in a maple buttercream filling would be a sweet addition to a Autumn wedding.

Strawberry Shortcake

Source: gourmetbaking.blogspot.com

Strawberry Shortcake Cake with Fluffy White Buttercream

Fourth of July parties, backyard barbecues, and church picnics invoke thoughts of strawberry shortcakes served with rootbeer floats and ice cream. This wedding cake flavor would be a great accompaniment to an outdoor wedding. This flavor profile is both stylish and comforting.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownie Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

Bring out the child-like excitment in all of your guests with this peanut butter cookie dough brownie cake. Decadent and fun, this wedding cake flavor brings bake all the great memories of homemade brownies and baking cookies with mom.

Check with your local cake designer to see if you could try one of these non-traditional flavors at your next cake tasting. Or if you live in the local area, you can find gluten-free adaptations of these great wedding cake flavors at the By Grace Cakes bakery.

Do you have a favorite cake flavor? Is there an unusual wedding cake flavor that you crave? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Love in Christ,



By Grace Cakes

2015 Wedding Cake Trends

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Wedding Cakes this Season

Wedding season is in full bloom. This year’s hot wedding cake trends are quickly setting themselves above the rest. Where modern, edgy cakes ruled supreme, now vintage, old world glamour has stolen the scene. Here at the By Grace Cakes bakery, we know that what’s hot and what’s not in wedding cakes swings back and forth like a pendulum. Old designs and new designs inspire each other putting new twists on styles from the past, and inspiring new designs for the future.

Modern Goes Natural

Source: upcycledtreasures.com

Modern Goes Natural

Let’s be honest, we are all a little tired of the word “rustic”. When someone says “rustic” an imgage of an out-doorsy, woodsman type of a person that only eats jerky comes to mind. And, needless to say, the word “rustic” is overused and misused so often. It has been stereotyped into something that it’s not. You don’t have to be married in a barn to appreciate a simple white ruffle, a lace flower accent or some well placed jute. So let’s call it, Modern Goes Natural. It has, after all, the same sleek white base that a modern cake boasts, but without all of the harsh, sharp edges. This type of wedding cake design exudes softness, a welcoming charm and a delicate touch. So the next time someone asks you if your style is “rustic” tell them that your style is Modern Goes Natural.

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage

Source: stylemepretty.com

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage

Just as an example of how hot this cake design is right now, Pinterest clocks this cake at having 16723 repins as well as 1929 likes. I think we can safely say that this cake is providing some major inspiration. Again we can see that the harsh, sharp edges of the modern-day cake are gone. And in its place, we have soft rounded edges, simplistic design elements, muted florals and whimsically placed pearls. This does not mean that your wedding dress must look like a flapper dress, covered in lace and hemmed with a row of fringe. If you like the mermaid sheath or a diamond studded ball gown, you go girl! Once your vintage wedding cake is wheeled out, all you will hear is shooshed of whoos and ahhhs from your guests. Think of this cake style as a reflections of your inner beauty; the heart of you.

Sparkle and Shine

Now I know that some of you brides out there are bursting at the seams saying “Need . . .more . . .SPARKLE!” So this one is for you. More than likely your taste for sparkly things reflects the sparkling personality that you are. With your bubbly, vivacious personality you want to add just one more sparkle to your cake. Put the bedazzler down and sllooowwwlly step away from the cake. Glitz and glamour are probably one of the most difficult wedding cake design elements to balance. You don’t want to have too much of a good thing. The cake shown above is a great example of Sparkle and Shine done correctly. Please take a close look at the proportions. Sorry ladies, but if you want an entire cake tier covered in sequins you may have to settle for a smaller cake. Proportion is everything. If you had a large cake even partially covered in sparkles, the guest might confuse your cake with the chandelier. But don’t fret, simply do a few complimenting smaller tiers on a fabulous dessert table, or compliment your sparkly creation with accenting cake pops, cupcakes, mini cakes, petit fours or designer cookies! You can keep it simple and still let your Sparkling personality Shine!

Your Style is Unique and Beautiful

Take heart, if what you imagine as your perfect wedding day cake is not listed among the hot trendsetting cakes of 2015; there is no cause for concern. It doesn’t mean that your day will be any less spectacular. These designs are just a starting point used to inspire you. Your wedding cake should be as unique and beautiful as you are. Put your own twist on a trendsetting design or create a trendsetting style all your own.

Join the conversation. I would love to hear back on what cake designs inspire you!

Love in Christ,


By Grace Cakes

3 Tips for Saving Money on a Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes, Flowers, Invitations, Oh My!

Wedding season is in full swing. With so many lovely options to choose from, how do you have your dazzling day within your budget? At the By Grace Cakes bakery, we want to offer you 3 tips for buying an affordable wedding cake

How to Buy an Affordable Wedding Cake

Be Up-Front About Your Budget

If you are ordering a By Grace Cakes wedding cake, or ordering from another bakery, be sure to share your budget with your cake designer. A good bakery will do all that they can to fit your budgetary needs. Most bakeries will have a listed price per serving, but don’t be afraid to share the price range that you are looking for. The baker should be able to tell you what you can get for that price.

Ask About Discounts and Other Dessert Options

Some bakeries have discounts for “liking” them on social media websites such as yelp, facebook or twitter. Coupons can sometimes be found for seasonal weddings such as Valentine’s day, Easter and Christmas. Also, ask about cake pops, cupcakes, petit fours and chocolates. More price breaks can be sometimes given for a large order of a smaller dessert, such as cake pops and cupcakes, than on one large cake. This will also allow each guest to have multiple serving and feel like they have a custom dessert to eat at your wedding, or to easily take home.

Simplify the Details

Remember, the more detail, the greater the cost. More wedding cake details means more supplies and time required from the baker. This principle also applies to cake flavors. The more cake flavors and fillings requested, the higher the cost of the cake. Keep the details simple and elegant and your wedding cake will be a great success.